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John Schoolcraft: Creativity as the business model

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This week: John Schoolcraft on how Oatly put creativity at the heart of its business.

John Schoolcraft doesn't just have a great name, he also has great job as the Chief Creative Officer at Oatly. That presumably means he gets to drink as much Oatly as he likes while creating the awesome marketing and advertising Oatly has been putting out ever since he joined.

How have they done all that, without a marketing department? Well, John got rid of it, and instead put creatives and creativity at the heart of the business.

That's a philosophy we really believe in at Faster Ideas - and you'll be hearing more about this and some of our other insights in the coming months.

In the meantime watch John deliver this entertaining talk from Slush in 2015 - showing how Oatly cracked its consumer marketing with ideas like: 'Oh WOW, No COW'. Enjoy!

Faster Ideas will shortly be launching talks and workshops on creative thinking, showcasing how (and why) anyone’s life or business can be boosted by creativity.

If you'd like us to speak at your company, organisation, school, college or community group, please get in touch.

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