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'Use Your Head' with Tony Buzan

If you read Monday's blog, you'll already know a bit about Mind Maps. As we mentioned, they increased in popularity in the 1970s, thanks to educator and author Tony Buzan.

Tony fronted a groundbreaking BBC series back then called Use Your Head - which looked at the mind, the way we learn, and the way we process information. In the series, he introduced mind maps and how to speed read, among several other things.

Revisiting this series on YouTube recently, I can totally see why it was so popular.

If you can forgive the 70s music, graphics and studio sets, Tony is a great presenter, making a potentially dull subject into something very compelling with his dry wit - and with his snappy 70s dress sense, which would now be considered retro-cool.

By today's standards, the slower pace of the programme seems strange at first. But it's also strangely soothing in an ASMR kind of way.

Here are the first few episodes to get you going:

Part 1

Part 2

For the remainder of the series, check out the other episodes here.

Tony sadly passed away in 2019. But his mission to educate and share his techniques lives on - his organisation continues to teach mind mapping, speed reading and memory courses, all here at

Or check out one his books on Amazon - links below.

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