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Work with us

The team at Faster Ideas are passionate about creativity. 

We love hearing from individuals and organisations who'd like to collaborate to spread ideas, insight and learning around creative thinking. Below are some of the ways we can do that.


If there's anything that's not covered below, just get in touch.


Editor-in-chief Joanne Oatts is an experienced event speaker, panellist, radio presenter and podcast host. With over 25 years of experience in the creative industries - across media, broadcasting, advertising, art and filmmaking - she can talk or join panels  on a wide range of subjects to do with creativity, creative thinking and the creative industries.

Joanne is also passionate about open access to the creative industries and the arts, comedy, LGBTQ+ issues, history of art, podcasting and storytelling.



Later this year, the Faster Ideas team will be offering creativity and creative thinking talks and workshops for businesses, schools and universities.


We'll show you simple ways to embed creativity into your life or your business - regardless of your industry, job title or description.

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The Faster Ideas team also work as a creative team for brands and agencies.


As experienced advertising creatives, filmmakers, content creators and storytellers, we understand how to create smart and clever ideas that will help organisations solve business problems - and (if needed) will work across everything from cinema advertisign to a shelf wobbler. 

View our portfolio site to find out more.