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15 minutes with Maya Angelou

If you're feeling blue, uninspired or a bit flat, you could do a lot worse than listen to the late Maya Angelou.

Maya sadly died in 2014, but thankfully we have her books, and there are many of her interviews and poetry performances on YouTube - all of which a treat for the creative mind. Her words on writing, ideas and self-belief come from the heart and I challenge anyone not to find them inspiring.

There are many long-form interviews with her (this 48m one with comedian Dave Chappelle is great) but we recently found this handy 15-minute compilation of her best interview moments. It was created by YouTuber Evan Carmichael and will definitely give you a to you give you a FFWDtv -style boost. Enjoy!

One of my favourite quotes of Maya's (which features in this video):

"I don't trust people who don't laugh."


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