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Claire Grantham, Card Maker, Crafter & Project Manager

Each week in Creatives on Speed, Joanne Oatts talks to creative thinkers, makers and doers from all walks of life - about creativity and how they use it in their work.

This week: Claire Grantham, Card Maker, Crafter & Project Manager

New York-based Londoner Claire Grantham is a crafter and card maker extraordinaire - and self-proclaimed marker pen obsessive. She’s also a highly respected and experienced project manager in the creative industry.

Claire tells us how she discovered the world of crafting, the differences between the UK and US crafting communities, and how her project management skills really raised her crafting game.

We learn about the school project that nearly put her off creative activities altogether, and how she organises her time to make creativity and play an essential part of her day.

Prefer to listen to the audio? Listen on Spotify below. More platforms available here.

READ Claire’s blog & check out her wonderful craft room.

Other links, thanks & acknowledgements:

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The Ink Pad, 233 West 19th St, New York, NY 10011

Claire says: 'for gifting me my craft family'

Claire says: 'for welcoming me into the digital world'

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1 commentaire

17 mars 2021

This was so much fun to do Jo, thank you for asking me to do it. I loved talking with you (at you?!) and it made me assess so much of the creative side of my life that I love.

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