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Freya Haines, Hairdresser

Each week in Creatives on Speed, Joanne Oatts talks to creative thinkers, makers and doers from all walks of life - about creativity and how they use it in their work.

This week: Freya Haines, Hairdresser & Colour Expert.

One thing lockdown has highlighted, is that we'll never take our hairdressers for granted again. They deserve a medal for the creativity they employ in transforming our lanky locks - allowing us to express ourselves through the way we wear our hair.

One such talented individual is Freya Haines - an amazingly skilled and creative hair and colour expert. Freya debunks some myths and preconceptions about the industry, discusses her sources of inspiration, and goes deep into the art - and science - of hair colouring. Plus we discuss her new platform for positivity, The Press Pause Movement.

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We'll be featuring creative people from all kinds of industries on Creatives on Speed. From DJs, artists and advertising creatives, to scientists, hairdressers and teachers - each will be talking about how they use creative thinking in their work.

It's not just about the creative industries, though. We're fascinated by how the minds of all sorts of people work creatively - whether or not they have 'creative' in their title. If you'd like to be featured in Creatives on Speed, please contact us

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