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Jed Hallam, Planner & co-founder of Love Will Save The Day & Common People.

Creatives on Speed is where Faster Ideas editor and founder Joanne Oatts talks to creative thinkers, makers and doers from all walks of life - about creativity and how they use it in their work.

This week: Jed Hallam, advertising planner & co-founder of music and culture project Love Will Save the Day, and ad industry initiative Common People.

We talk about:

  • The origins of planning and what planners actually do

  • Jed's career journey and initial impressions of the industry

  • Early inspirations, and the New York and London clubs that influenced him

  • Creating spaces where people can share their passion for music, and how that took him from DJing and events to creating Love Will Save The Day

  • Developing opportunities for people from working-class backgrounds to break into the industry through his industry initiative Common People

  • Jed's favourite creative trick to kick start the brain.

If video is not your thing, check out the podcast version of this interview on Apple or Spotify. All podcast links are available on our Anchor page:


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