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Sir Ken Robinson: Do school's kill creativity?

The most watched TED talk of all time.

At the time of writing, Sir Ken Robinson's 2006 TED talk, 'Do school's kill creativity?' has been watched 67,681,379 times, making it the most-watched TED talk to date.

When I was planning Faster Ideas, Sir Ken's talk was always going to be the first video in the FFWDtv section - where we select the best-of-the-best videos on creativity and creative thinking from across the internet.

The video has been seen by an estimated 380 million people in 160 countries. But that still leaves 7.42 billion people on the planet who haven't seen it. So it's still worth sharing.

Sir Ken sadly passed away in September 2020 after a short battle with cancer. But his talks (he did several for TED), his books, and his legacy are still with us.

This video will make you laugh, cry and probably say 'fuck yeah!' quite a few times.


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