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Natalia Talkowska, visual storyteller, founder & CEO

Creatives on Speed is where Joanne Oatts talks to creative thinkers, makers and doers from all walks of life - about creativity and how they use it in their work.

This week: Natalia Talkowska, founder and CEO of Natalka Design and Doodleledo.

Natalia and her team are all about visual storytelling, helping corporates and individuals communicate better and express themselves through visual storytelling

We talk about...

  • What visual storytelling can do for you and your business

  • Why growing up in Poland helped Natalia become more creative

  • How self-learning helped Natalia build her craft – and why she's still doing it

  • Why studying languages and translation was a huge help in building her visual storytelling business

  • What her biggest piece of advice is for anyone starting something new

  • Her favourite creative trick to kick-start the brain.

Want more?

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If video is not your thing, check out the podcast version of this interview on Apple or Spotify. All podcast links are available on our Anchor page:


Natalia on LinkedIn

Natalka Design on Twitter

Natalka Design on Instagram

Natalka Design on YouTube

Doodleledo on Instagram

Natalia also runs courses on Skillshare

Why not get your company a Doodleledo session here?

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